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Autumn Reflections

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

As another B and B season has come to a close, I find myself reflecting back on all the wonderful travelers who came to our door; people from all walks of life and all corners of the world. How wonderful to have such cultural diversity in our home and to share in their adventures. I enjoy having our local area reflected back to me through their experiences. It is rewarding for me to read their entries in our guest book, leaving a message as to what it was that made their stay at Aspen Whispers so enjoyable.

The doors closed in mid-September so we could take a trip to Spain in celebration of our 30th wedding anniversary. How we loved Spain and its people!! We opened our hearts to what each day had to offer us with minimal planning and booking accommodations as we went (except for arrival and departure from the large cities). We enjoyed a mix of biking, hiking, lots of walking through the cobblestone streets, arts, culture, history, getting wet in the Mediterranean sea, walking the beaches, taking in all the beautiful scenery, amazing food, wine and just enjoying the vibrant, spontaneous, always social, culture that is Spain. We had almost three weeks of 25-35 degree weather with sun every day!

One comes home from traveling changed in some immeasurable way and carries that forward in their life “back home”. I feel enriched and recharged; now open to enjoying our area as the tourists depart and there is a period of “rest”.

Autumn Paddle on Jarvis Lake, William Switzer Park

The winter will be time to teach yoga and to prepare for another B and B season; to return to my passion of writing and having time for reflection. We are grateful for extended autumn weather and have just enjoyed a weekend of biking, hiking and a lovely canoe day on Jarvis Lake with friends. It was so magical! The leaves are gone, but the tamaracks continue to light up our world with their golden hues. May we get to enjoy just a few more days of sun and warm weather before we hibernate into the long days of winter!

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